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You are more than welcome to contact us at Levande Musik with program suggestions, ideas or opinions. The easiest way to get in touch with us is via the contact form. It goes straight out to all of the Board members at the same time. After we receive your message we will reply as quickly as we can.


Complete the form with all the information (fields indicated with asterisk are mandatory). In the subject line write you what best describes your mail, for program-suggestions please enter "Program Proposal" and then you fill in the rest in the field; "other".


If your email concearns program proposals, we must inform you that we are unable to respond to all emails we receive, we will however get back to you if the proposal becomes an option for booking. Deadline for program proposals are as following: Proposals for the spring-season; 15th October and proposals for the autumn-season on the 15th March.

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