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Levande Musik was founded in 1952 and is one of Sweden's most highly esteemed concert associations for contemporary music. Since the foundation, the association has worked actively for the contemporary written- and music improvised music in Gothenburg and Västra Götaland (-Sweden). Levande Musik organizes between 15 and 20 concerts per year, all with top musicians from around the world in the field of contemporary music. Levande Musik is actively working to improve the wage- and working conditions for musicians and also to achieve a gender equal music scene.


2004 Levande Musik launched the nowadays autonomous KALV-Festival (in Svenljunga, Sweden) and in 2014 they initiated a regional network for contemporary written music, improvised music and sound art in Västra Götaland. The association is constantly looking for new ways to highlight contemporary music and therefore presents concerts with several different formats, ranging from intimate apartment-concerts to major festival events.


Levande Musiks work springs from the idea that a thriveing musical culture and a creative contemporary scen is based on an everyday contact between those working with the music and those listening to it. We arrange concerts both indoors and outdoors, member evenings, workshops and pedagogical projects. What you see and hear at a concert arranged by Levande Musik is something unique that you can't experience anywhere else; That is our ambition.



To join Levande Musik is completely free and reduces the price for our concerts aswell as it grants you a printed concertprogram sent to your home-adress (residents in sweden) before each season (2 times per year). Before each upcoming event, you also get a membership newsletter via e-mail to make sure that you won't miss any of Levande Musiks unique concert experiences.


The board currently consists of eight active musicians and composers. Levande Musik strives maintain a gender equal board with extensive knowledge of the contemporary music field. The current board consists of 8 active composers and musicians with both classical-and improvisationbased background. 


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