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Vice Chariman

Elsbeth Bergh is a violist most active within contemporary repertoire and Baroque music. A member of the chamber ensemble Sonanza since 1987 aswell as Karlsson Barock, where she also worked as a producer. Whithin the Piano Quartet; Ensemble Makadam she combines classic works with planned and unplanned improvisations. It creates new forms and give new inputs to classical music as an art form and expression. Benefiting from her experience within project management she strives to create close encounters between children, youths and classical music to, at an early state cultivate the interest of various musical expressions.





Internal Treasurer

Composer. Degrees from Gotlands Tonsättarskola and the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg, Sweden. Linas main focus lies in chamber music and music drama. Together with Anna-Sara Atkins, mezzo-soprano, she founded the experimental Gothenburg-based opera ensemble Dråpera in 2010. In her work with opera she explores the gray area between the artistic means of expression but also the voices and the bodys never-ending source of new sounds and vocalizations. Lina is passionate about contemporary written music and to provide new opportonitys for commisioning work premiere performances from now-living contemporary composers.


Board Member/Technician

Board Member

Henrik Olsson is a percussionist and an improvising musician with an artistic focus on blending electronic and accoustic soundsources. He´s also working with methods and concepts in the borderland between compositions and improvisations.

Got his MFA from the Gothenburg Music University 2001 and is nowdays living on the countryside outside of Falköping.

Henrik have toured in Europe, USA, Japan and Russia and his music is represented on more then 20 relases with working ensembles such as  Skogen, Gul 3 and Mailmaa.

Henrik Denerin is working internationally as a contemporary composer. Primarily chamber music but also electroaccoustic and music for orchestra. As a member  of the Quartet ARa´, based in Barcelona, he is writing pieces with the ambition to erase the distinctions between improvisation and composition.

He´s been engaged in collaborations with several internationally based ensembles and his music have been performed on many festivals for contemporary music.

Henrik have studied for Karlheinz Stockhausen in Germany and got his Master in composition  from Malmö Musikhögskola where he studied for Luca Francesconi.

Rasmus Persson is a sound and light artist and engineer based in Gothenburg. Working in-between art and technology, he creates atmospheres and situations through light, sound, space, movement and visual language. Prior works include numerous live performances, installations and theatre plays for Skogen, Teater Galeasen, SR, Atalante, Ställbergs Gruva, Gruppen among many others, as well as own artistic projects. Within the board of Levande Musik Rasmus has responsability for Sound/Light/Riders.


Board Member

Marina Cyrino plays the flute and is a Ph. D student at the Göteborg Academy of Music and Drama.

She is involved in numerous musical projects engaging both contemporary composition and improvisation as well as traditional music from Brazil.

Her main artistic focus is to explore the voice of the flute through extended techniques and interdisciplinarity arts.

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