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The grandness of Dalsland, one of Sweden's smallest regions, can only be appreciated by experiencing it first-hand. The gates of the innovative contemporary music world are accessed through a narrow gorge in the majestic mountain range that illustrates today's society. The creativity of young artists today resonates more vibrantly than ever before, and we yearn to accompany them on their journey through that gorge, leading us further into the magical world that opens up beyond . Hence, Kontinent Dalsland provides artists with a unique forum, aiming to nourish the yet unknown creativity of the future, forming an international cultural hub in Dalsland. Here, strong and meaningful artistic imprints will be delivered with  uncompromising honesty. In today's society, we are at risk of being consumed by fear of journeys leading us into territories unknown. By romanticising the past, we feel as if we can no longer identify with our current society, thus rather wishing to continue to sing along to what we already know and understand. Therefore, Kontinent Dalsland's conviction is to illuminate the importance of collectively serenading the song we have not yet mastered.

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About the festival

Experience contemporary music in the remote woodlands of Dalsland, Sweden
Kontinent Dalsland is a new festival that presents some of the most celebrated contemporary artists, composers and sound artists of our time in a forum where the creativity of the future is nurtured and presented in new and innovative ways in order to connect with a wider audience. World premieres and older masterpieces are performed by pioneering artists from jazz, opera, avant-garde, folk music, classical music and local windbands, which are united in this year's theme: InterNationalromantik.

Kontinent Dalsland annually presents a festival theme that is linked to current issues and trends. This year's theme, InterNationalromantik, glances back on Nationalromantiken, which came to be the name of how artists and intellectuals saw, or wanted to see, their nation's characteristics during the period from the middle of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. With its craze for nature, the countryside and the simple life, this era provided an opportunity for creative souls to have their dreams and visions realised and presented to the world. Sweden has been constantly influenced and enriched by other cultures, and thus has been in a constant state of transformation, as any country and culture should be in order to avoid the risk of decay. Today, the visions of Sweden, and what is perceived as Swedish, have changed radically, and Kontinent Dalsland hereby offers an update.

Concert for Ukraine 
To present and support Ukraine's musicians, composers and artists, the festival will include several Ukrainian works in the program. Information is updated here continuously.

Hesselbom Revisited

Together with Kontinent Dalsland , the tireless saxophone wizard Mats Gustafsson been inspired by the idea of bringing all of the festival's musicians together with Dalsland's national hero, the painter Otto Hesselbom. The iconic painting 'Vårt Land' will be re-painted by the multifaceted sound spectrum that this year´s invited artists have to offer. Here, the festival's soloists, coming from a vast variety of different genres, will unite with two local wind bands to reflect the colourful musical landscape of modern day Sweden.

"The Eye of the Ox"
During the festival, a number of musicians will meet as duos under the title OXÖGA, which translates into "The Eye of the Ox". The title refers to the small round windows often placed just under the roof of historic buildings, in order to enable the most majestic view over a city or a landscape. 
Oxöga presents 2 dimensions; To look through your own window from the outside depicts at best security, familiarity and a sense of home. Standing on the inside looking out offers constantly changing views, new possibilities and visions.  
What happens when one's own creativity is placed in unknown territory and what is to be presented a few days later is no longer predictable? During “Oxöga”, internationally celebrated artists will be challenged in unimaginable formations, where recognition is replaced by the unknown in order to inspire an inner journey to search for similarity in diversity. ​

The Organisers


Wednesday 13/7    Thursday 14/7     Friday 15/7    Saturday 16/7    Sunday 17/7

Kontinenten 2022

Jonny Axelsson - Slagverk / Elsbeth Bergh - Viola / Johan Berthling - Bas /  Christer Bothén - Basklarinett + Guimbri / John Chantler - Ljudkonst / Robin Cochrane - Slagverk / Yaron Deutsch - Elgitarrr / Rosali Grankull - Ljudkonst / Mats Gustafsson - Saxofoner / My Hellgren - Cello / Hemvärnets musikkår Bohusdal / Sören Hermansson - Horn / Maryam Javidmehr - Oud + Tanbour / Sofia Jernberg - Sång / Goran Kajfeš - Trumpet / Erwan Keravec - Säckpipa / Ebo Krdum - Gitarr / Anna Lindal - Violin / Eva Lindal - Violin / Kristina Lindgård - Cello / Hedvig Mollestad - Elgitarr / Mona Monasar - Poesi / SugarRay Naponyi - Bas / Ivo Nilsson - Trombon / Lena Nowak - Klarinett / Anders Nyqvist - Trumpet / Torbjörn Näsbom - Nyckelharpa / Avin Omar - Sång / Alessandro Perini - Ljudkonst / Helena Persson - Ljudkonst / Mette Rasmussen - Saxofon / Sara Sjödahl - Piano + Dragspel / Torgeir Vassvik - sång + Ramtrumma / Mariam Wallentin - Sång / Andreas Werlin - Slagverk


Dalslands Konstmuseum. /  Upperud 9:9  /  Gamla kyrkan, Åmål  /  Åmals kyrka /  Not Quite, Bruket i Fengersfors /  Fröskogs kyrka  / Dalsland Center, Håverud  /  Stadshotell Åmål

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More information soon!


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